Social Capital Based Social Protection through Philanthropic Organization


  • Syed Akhter Husain Shah
  • M. Asghar Tashfeen
  • Syed Tariq Shah


Social Capital, Social protection, Philanthropy, Government


Social protection is a preventive, remedial and supporting mechanism against
social risks, losses, un-employment, crimes, diseases, death etc. Social Protection
may be provided through different strategies, policies and activities for reduction
of un-employment, disease, and risk to health, disability, crimes and social
threats. This paper discus the existing gaps in social protection to individuals,
groups and their dependents. It mainly focuses on three types of social protection
gaps Shah (2013). These social protection gaps are filled through different
organizations such as; Government, international, non-governmental, religious,
social and philanthropic. The paper identifies the role and contribution of the
philanthropic organizations in social protection of individuals, groups,
community etc. The philanthropic organizations directly or indirectly contribute
to social protection in different parts of the country. This paper gives analysis by
incorporating role and contribution of philanthropic organizations. The role of
philanthropic organizations in social protection through partnership with state
may be more efficient and sustainable in society.