Public Expenditure and its impact on Economic Growth: A case of Pakistan

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The public expenditures are very important and basic necessities of every country. It plays crucial and dynamic role in each economy and government has responsibility to provide them. This study examined public expenditures impact on economic growth by using time series data from1982-2017 in case of Pakistan. The variables are growth rate as GDP, development expenditure, defense expenditures, health expenditures and education expenditures. The ordinary least square (OLS) test and CUSUM, CUSUM Square tests are applied to check relationship between public expenditures and economic growth. This study concludes with mix results, which indicates that there is a significant positive relationship between development and health expenditures on economic growth. Furthermore, defense and education expenditures have negative relationship on economic growth. Moreover, it is recommended that public expenditures should be used in appropriate way; if it is not used in accurate place it would not be favourable for Pakistan economy.

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